About Us

CAN Wipes is proudly the first Canadian brand for quality Antibacterial and Disinfectant wipes in Canada. All of our products are approved by Health Canada (HC) and have DIN (Drug Identification Number) to comply with industry rules and regulations. They are licensed to sell and distribute in the Canadian market. We have been offering premium quality antibacterial wipes for adults and kids and disinfectant wipes for surfaces.

Our products cover a wide range of wet wipes, including hand wipes for adults and kids, kitchen wipes, household cleaning wipes, car wipes, electronics wipes, and office wipes. With the capacity to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, our wipes can be the perfect option to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

CAN Wipes are made for Canadians with a lesson to learn from the pandemic knowing the importance of hand washing and keeping all of the subjects and surfaces absolutely clean around us. We have crossed several milestones to build a remarkable identity and thus achieve CAN Wipes made for the Canadian standard lifestyle. Our team has profound knowledge, and they know what is needed to make high-quality end products. We strive to deliver quality wet wipes to our customers at a reasonable range. Also, the wipes we offer are available in multiple fresh scents and are not made of harsh chemicals, making them safe to use on skin and other surfaces.

Carry these portable wet wipes with you everywhere and use them to kill harmful unseen germs whenever required. Call us, place an order for your desired wipes today, and boost a healthy life!



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