Privacy Protection

At CAN Wipes, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy. Authorized workers within the organization only use the details obtained from specific customers on a need to know basis. We continually review our data and processes to make sure our customers get the best possible services. 

What Do We Do with Your Information?

As part of the purchasing and selling process, anytime you purchase something from our online store, we collect the personal details that you send us, such as your address, name, and email address.

When you visit our online store, we will automatically receive the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer. This will further help us to get details about your operating system and your browser.

Email marketing (if applicable): Only if you approve, we may send you emails about our new products, our online store, and other additional updates. 


  • How do we get your consent?
  • When you give us your personal information to place an order, arrange for a delivery, complete a transaction, verify your credit card, or return a purchase, we make sure that we have your consent to collect the details and use it only for that particular reason. When we ask for your personal data for a different purpose, such as marketing, we will directly seek your permission or give you an option to say no. 

  • How do you withdraw your consent?
  • If by any chance, your mind changes after you allow us to use your information, you can withdraw your permission for us to disclose your information, contact you, or for continued collection of data at any time. All you have to do is contact us by sending us an email at You can also send us a mail at the following address: 

    Cleanland Hygiene Supplies Inc

    277 Lakeshore Rd. East, Suite 408

    Oakville ON L6J 6J3, CANADA


    If you breach our Terms of Service or if required by law, we might have to disclose your personal details. 

    Third-Party Services

    Generally, the third-party services we utilize only gather, disclose, or use the information to a certain extent that enables them to carry out the essential services they offer to us. However, a few service providers out there, including transaction processors and other payment gateways, have their own privacy policies regarding the data we need to provide them for the purchase transactions that you make. In this situation, we suggest that you thoroughly read their privacy terms to understand how these providers will use your personal information. Also, it is crucial to remember that some providers may be located in a different jurisdiction or location. Therefore, if you choose to carry out a transaction that entails a third-party provider's services, then your personal details will be put through the laws of the jurisdiction where your service provider is located. 

    For instance, if you are based in Canada, and your purchase is processed through a payment gateway in the U.S., your personal data used to process and complete the transaction could be disclosed under the United States legislation. Remember, once you exit our website, you will no longer be governed by our website's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Hence, we recommend that you read other sites' privacy statements as we will not be responsible for their privacy practices.


    Our site may use cookies to improve the user experience. Usually, the web browser of a user places cookies for tracking information or record-keeping purposes on their hard drive. Users can choose to set up their web browsers to alert them when cookies are being sent or decline cookies by going to the web browser settings. It is crucial to keep in mind that certain sections of the website may not function properly if you choose to decline cookies.


    Our online store is powered by Shopify. They provide us with an efficient online platform that enables us to promote our products and services and sell them to you. Shopify stores your data or personal information via its databases, data storage, and application. They keep your data behind a firewall on a secure server. 

    To get detailed information, you should thoroughly read Shopify’s Privacy Statement or Terms of Service.


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